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Spring Valley Asset Management is a quantitative investment management firm founded on the principles of science, cutting-edge technology and innovation. 



We apply rigorous mathematical analysis to investment management. We design trading systems based upon practical knowledge of the markets, advanced computational methods, and sophisticated technology. We explore subtle, repeatable, predictive signals with clearly articulated logic using robust testing procedures that are focused on the future as opposed to fitting the past. 

Risk Management

The application of sophisticated and robust risk management systems allows us to dynamically budget, neutralize, and target risk. It is embedded within every stage of our process. Relationships and distributions are highly complex. Our approach goes beyond traditional measures of risk and our belief is that diversification must be actively engineered.



We are engineering systems to continuously improve our understanding of the markets. Technology is integral to advancing our mission. Based on decades of experience designing institutional-grade infrastructure, our technological ecosystem allows us to discover, critically evaluate, and systematically exploit evolving sources of alpha.


We encourage approaching the complexities of investing from a different perspective and strive to turn changing market conditions into practical investment solutions; balancing the current evolution of the markets with the historical lessons learned from the past.

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An investment with Spring Valley Asset Management, LLC is speculative, involves a high degree of risk, and is designed for sophisticated investors only. Prospective investors must meet specific qualifications, as well as be able to bear the risk of losing more than their entire investment. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.​​

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